March 11, 2024

Volume Analysis | Flash Market Update – 3.11.24

This past week, capital outflows exceeded inflows with $57.5 billion flowing out versus only $37.5 billion in. Capital Weighted Volume also took a breather with a slight downturn but remains largely in an uptrend. The generals (Invesco QQQ Trust ETF) lost ground once again this week, finishing down -1.67%. However, the troops (iShares Russell 2000 ETF) edged slightly deeper into resistance, closing up 0.44%. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 faltered slightly, down by -0.24%.

“Doji” notice the signs provided by the stock market this week? When a market breaks out of its upper and lower range only to close approximately at the same level where it began, it is referred to as a “Doji cross or star” in Japanese candlestick analysis. Both the S&P 500 and the troops formed Doji stars on their weekly charts last week.

Doji stars are not necessarily bullish or bearish. Rather, the expectation from a doji star is a pause in the prevailing trend. Dojis may indicate parity building between the forces of supply (bears) and demand (bulls). Because the S&P 500 is in an upward trend, it’s Doji star may suggest a breather is needed before resuming its upward trajectory. Unlike the upward-trending S&P 500, the troops have been stuck in a sideways consolidation pattern. Although the troops’ intermediate trend is sideways, its short-term trend is upward. Given that the troops are bumping up against resistance, the implication of the doji star could suggest a short-term pause in IWM’s test of resistance. Thus, the doji cross in the S&P 500 could imply a pause in the larger intermediate-term trend and a temporary halt to the short-term assault of resistance with IWM.

Meanwhile, although market breadth has been our biggest laggard, more recently, it has shown signs of improvement. The NYSE Advance-Decline continued its upward move this past week after reaching a new 2024 yearly high the previous week. Additionally, the number of stocks in the Russell 3000 is also testing its highs for the year.

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