May 8, 2024
Portfolio Manager Insights | Why Cash Is Not a Long-Term Investment – 5.8.24

In times of market uncertainty, investors often seek the safety of cash. This has been true over the past several years as markets have swung due to the pandemic, geopolitical events, Fed rate hikes, inflation, gridlock in Washington, technology trends, and more. More recently, the possibility of worse-than-expected inflation and a delay 0f the first […]

May 6, 2024
Volume Analysis | Flash Market Update – 5.6.24

In last week’s Volume Analysis Flash Update, I highlighted the previous week’s market dynamics, noting a strong start with an 86% Capital Weighted Volume day on Monday, followed by an even more impressive 93% upside day on Tuesday. Such concentrations of capital inflows may indicate a bullish trend within the market. However, this past Tuesday […]