March 27, 2024

Kingsview CIO Scott Martin On Fox Business Cavuto Coast To Coast 3.27.2024

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NEIL CAVUTO: Right, a big power Beijing featuring some of the mightiest US corporate executives holding court. Or should I say the other way around? Xi Jinping holding court with them. Scott Martin, following that very closely, I thought we were kind of trying to disentangle from China. What happened?

SCOTT MARTIN: I thought we were done with China too, Neil, and here we go. We’ve got all the guys over there, guys and gals doing a little golf clap for Xi Jinping and then just talking to ’em about business because China’s still a player. Neil, the second-largest economy in the world, a billion or so people. I hear, Neil, they make really cool balloons that you can ride on across the ocean over some major countries. That sounds like a fun thing to do. And also, it’s interesting, it’s kind of a bedfellow, but an interesting one because of the fact that you have a corporate environment here, Neil, that we heard from President Biden a couple of weeks ago, that’s going to see higher taxes, higher regulation, immigrants coming in to work there that may not be qualified at your corporation. Therefore, China isn’t that fabulous an option for some of these corporations in the United States that need production and need cheap labor, and they get it overseas.

NEIL CAVUTO: I understand the pressure these guys are under; you want to be good in all markets and all, but it does look a little sycophantic.

SCOTT MARTIN: It does, and so does Biden even talking to China these days in Saudi Arabia and some of the other SCA fans that he alone has in his personal pockets. So there is a speech to the fact that this is a global economy. This is an economy in the United States that needs other countries as far as participation production, and so if you’re a CEO in the country of the United States, that’s publicly traded, my friend on the NCI or the Amex or say the Nasdaq, you need to have a global footprint. You need to have a global corporate environment. And so China being the second-largest economy, as I said, is a partner in that strive for them.

NEIL CAVUTO: What I did like, Scott, real quickly though, is the CEOs had to line up and they said President Xi Jinping will be coming in the room and they’re waiting, and he walks in. I loved it so much. I now require that of the staff. When I come in here,

SCOTT MARTIN: I’ll give you a similar golf clap, Neil. I’ll do that in New York when I’m there next time. We’ll do it. Excellent.

NEIL CAVUTO: Excellent. Thank you, Scott. Always good seeing you, my friend.

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