December 4, 2023

Volume Analysis ‘Flash Market Update’ – 12.4.23

S&P 500 capital flows concluded the week on a downward trajectory, notwithstanding the S&P 500 index’s 0.82% uptick. Capital outflows exceeded inflows, with $42.7 billion exiting compared to only $38.1 billion of incoming capital. The generals (NDX 100) took a breather, concluding the week with a 0.20% gain. Conversely, the previously struggling troops (IWM) continued their late fourth-quarter surge, finishing the week up 3.11%.

In our November 20th edition, we highlighted the breakout of IWM to the upside from a well-established descending triangle pattern. We remarked, “Despite recent fluctuations in the troop’s performance, there may be a positive development on the horizon. The breakout (IWM) bounce against long-term support observed last week may signify the formation of a rare bullish descending triangle. Typically considered a bearish formation, the crucial factor lies in the direction of the move at the apex, whether it’s a breakout or breakdown with high-volume conviction. In the case of the IWM, it broke above its downtrend on significant volume. Moreover, this move was substantiated by positive breadth, with the Advance-Decline Line surpassing its previous near-term range.”

As previously noted, this move may be aligned with the decline in the yield of the 10-year treasury bond, creating a potentially bullish backdrop for many stocks. While I might usually be skeptical of an upmarket influenced by inverse S&P 500 capital flows, Capital-Weighted Volume has surged to new all-time highs. Additionally, positive action in breadth, particularly in small caps, suggests a possibly healthy market condition. Year to date through December 1, 2023, the S&P 500 has gained 21.52%, whereas the S&P 500 equal-weighted index has only risen by 8.18%, while the Dow Jones US Select Dividend Index is down -2.34%. The recent apparent mean reversion signals a potential shift of capital inflows from the “magnificent 7” mega caps back to the broader market.

Minor S&P 500 resistance is found in the range of the July highs at 4607, with more significant intermediate resistance at 4635. Meanwhile, minor short-term support rests at 4527, intermediate support at 4475, and major S&P 500 support at 4200. Despite this week’s slightly negative capital flows, Capital-Weighted Dollar Volume is just below its all-time highs, leading all indicators higher. Capital Weighted Volume is reaching new all-time highs, and market breadth is steadily improving. This evidence suggests that Santa may bring the bulls Christmas cheer.

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Updated: 12/4/2023

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