September 20, 2023
Portfolio Manager Insights | How Stock Market Sectors Depend on the Business Cycle — 9.20.23

For patient investors with time horizons of years and decades, the primary drivers of portfolio returns are not day-to-day market fluctuations but the business cycle and other longer-term trends. One reason that questions around inflation, the Fed, and geopolitics have resulted in market swings is that they shed light on where we might be in the cycle. […]

September 18, 2023
Volume Analysis ‘Flash Market Update’ – 9.18.23

During the late stages of July and early August, as the markets showed an upward trend, our 7/31 Volume Analysis Flash update conveyed the following message: “While we remain optimistic, it’s essential to exercise caution during this unique time of seasonal trends. Historically, August is known for reversals, and September tends to be the worst […]

September 13, 2023
Portfolio Manager Insights | What Higher Oil Prices Mean for Consumers and Markets — 9.13.23

A key driver of global markets and inflation over the past two years has been the price of oil. As an important commodity that fuels the economy, investors watch the oil market closely. While oil has fallen considerably from its peak in 2022, it has also rebounded over the last few months. Since mid-June, Brent crude […]