January 1, 2024

Kingsview CIO Scott Martin On Fox Business Your World With Cavuto 1.1.2024

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EDWARD LAWRENCE: The most wonderful time of year or maybe not? A new survey reveals that 63% of Americans find the holidays more stressful than tax season. Are my next guests feeling that stress? Joining me now are Fox News contributor Scott Martin and comedian Ali Breen. So, Scott, let’s start with you first, the financial expert. What do you think? More stress than tax season?

SCOTT MARTIN: Probably, and that’s also, Edward, because of expectations. When I go into tax season, I don’t really have high expectations. I expect things to go wrong, and therefore they typically do on April 15th and afterwards. But if you look at Christmas, you look at the holidays, just in general, there’s a lot of expectations of things to go right—seeing loved ones, great food, everybody acting nicely. And when something goes wrong, which is inevitable because of these high expectations, that’s why it might feel so bad.

EDWARD LAWRENCE: Allie, are you stressed out about the holidays? Is it the family gatherings? Is it what you guys are talking about?

ALLIE BREED: It’s everything. Thank God for eggnog. Nothing disguises heavy drinking like nog. Just sip that and relax. I don’t know. Christmas is less stressful. New Year’s is the one that’s really stressful. I think it starts out stressful. You don’t know what to do, who you’re going to kiss. Running into a new year, they tell us it’s the beginning of World War III. It’s the last year of global democracy. It’s complete stress. You don’t know what you’re heading into. You have to find a good resolution. Very stressful.

EDWARD LAWRENCE: Finding that resolution, that’s tough for me. Scott, speaking of which, do you have your New Year’s resolution?

SCOTT MARTIN: Just to not act like myself again, I guess, next year, Edward. I do have people to kiss. That’s not my problem actually. But I agree with Allie too. The presents too. When you think about Christmas and giving and receiving gifts, that’s a lot of pressure and things often go wrong because everybody expects things to go right.

EDWARD LAWRENCE: Now, speaking of stress, you might want to be careful the next time you’re walking and texting. Injuries from ‘twalking’—I guess that’s a thing—are rising. So, Allie, have you ever fallen victim to ‘twalking’?

ALLIE BREED: Yeah, I mean, that actually sounds dirty. I’m glad you defined it. I didn’t know what that was at first. Oh God. Yeah, I’ve walked into trees, doors, everything. I’m surprised I haven’t gone straight into a lake or the Hudson River. It’s dangerous. Yeah, you gotta pay attention to your surroundings, but it’s hard. You gotta text, let people know what’s going on.

EDWARD LAWRENCE: Yeah, it’s like one of those zombie things, as you’re walking, everybody’s looking down at their phone. And how about you, Scott? Have you run into things?

SCOTT MARTIN: All the time. I mean, I run into things even without a phone in my hand, Edward. You know that? But here’s what’s funny. Everybody should observe how many people are walking in traffic, crossing roads, getting into their cars with phones in hand, not paying attention. It’s detrimental for their lives. As Ali said, you’re walking in traffic, risking serious injury.

EDWARD LAWRENCE: So what is it with the phone that people just can’t let go of, Ali? What is it?

ALLIE BREED: It’s so addictive. But no matter how addicted we are, like Scott said, we’ll do it all the time, but then whoever’s doing it that we’re seeing, we’re angry at, saying, ‘Get off your phone. Pay attention, look around.’ But it’s so addictive. Even in the car, I worry about teenagers starting to drive. I think it’s more dangerous than drinking and driving. I would be scrolling through TikTok when I was a teenager. It’s horrible.

EDWARD LAWRENCE: Yeah. So man’s best friend for a reason— a new survey finds that nearly half of Americans believe that their loved ones are more excited to see their pets than see them over the holidays. What do you think, Scott? More excited to see the pet or the relatives?

SCOTT MARTIN: Well, my family’s watching this, Edward, so let’s just say I’m excited to see both. But the dogs and the cats are great. They’re always happy, no judgment. Sure, they may make a mess when they’re eating, but hey, that’s a small price to pay compared to your relatives. But a quick story from last Christmas for us—our dog bit a couple of our guests. So, that’s something to keep in mind, because our guests, the humans, didn’t do that, but the dog did.

EDWARD LAWRENCE: Oh yeah, a pet rattlesnake. That would be hard too. But Allie, so are you more excited to see the pets?

ALLIE BREED: Last holiday that I spent with my family, all of my pictures are of their dog. That’s all that I have. I realized I took one picture of the family, 25 pictures of the dog. This dog didn’t bite. It’s all full of love. We did have one human who bit people though, so unfortunately, the children need to calm down.

EDWARD LAWRENCE: That’s where the eggnog comes in, right?

ALLIE BREED: Yeah, exactly.

EDWARD LAWRENCE: Allie, Scott, I appreciate it. Thanks for this. It’s been a great debate. Happy New Year’s Eve 2024. Happy New Year to both of you.


EDWARD LAWRENCE: It’s a good way to start it.

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