October 11, 2023

Kingsview CIO Scott Martin On Fox Business Making Money with Charles Payne 10.11.23

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CHARLES PAYNE: Of course, today, folks. I mean, it goes without saying. Everyone knows that the world is a very dangerous place. And as an investor, it’s just maybe another reason you should consider to concentrate on American companies. This is one thing I’ve always done. Occasionally I’ll go outside of America, maybe for trading, but my core investments have always been in America. I want to bring in Kingsview Wealth, their managing CIO, Scott, Scott, Martin, Scott. Just so folks can see that the map here Countries at risk. So you’ve got a 0.0% in the United States Canada there’s a few other nations. Germany’s there, Australia’s there. Conversely, Venezuela almost 25% only matched by Sudan at the same level. So, you know, there’s a lot to be said about say, you know, we talk about safety all the time and it begins with neighborhoods, neighborhoods, cities, towns, states, countries as a foundation, a platform before you start to put your money to work. Right?

SCOTT MARTIN: Correct. And I think, Charles, a lot of that safety, if you will, is backed by political environment. And we’ve seen right in my backyard of Chicago, what a say, uncertain, a very misdirected political environment does to businesses here, Charles. I mean, that’s why the city has had such a tough time keeping big scale businesses here and keeping revenues growing because of the fact that the environment politically is not good. So you’re right with some of those countries, there’s been obviously controversy and strife. And so when you look at places like you mentioned, Australia, the United States, especially North America, those are areas where as an investor, if you’re looking especially starting out, if you’re looking to get your feet wet into markets, go for places that are stable, go for places that are accountable and go for places that have, say, a longer term growth projective, which projection trajectory, if I could put those two words together, which I think is those names you mentioned. Yeah.

PAYNE: And you know, I’m glad you brought up the on a localized level. It’s to me, it’s mind boggling these days. You look the other way. These cities and states who have allowed the citizens to run rampant. I mean, people are living in fear and they become many Sudans. They become many. Venezuela’s on the emerging markets, though almost every year happens January 1st, the second show, the first week of the year. I guess every guest. Oh, I like emerging markets. I’m not sure what that’s all about. But just so everyone knows, emerging markets over the last since 1990 till now have have have underperformed dramatically. So do you does there any reason to take a shot outside of taking a shot on emerging markets?

MARTIN: No. As I take a shot to fix my caller, I don’t think you take a shot on emerging markets, Charles, because you make a really great point. I was having some meetings with some investors this morning and talking about how we’ve really strayed away from emerging markets in the last, say, 10 to 15 years because of the fact exactly what you said, the risk is not worth the reward. They’re not positively sloped. They’re massively politically challenged. And they don’t really show that that growth trajectory that you’d want in something like the S&P or, say, other domestic equities or indexes here. So when it comes to emerging markets, maybe fun to play with, maybe fun at times for a diversifier, but my goodness, not worth the risk over the long term.

PAYNE: Speaking of risk reward, reward just got better. And you probably understand this better than most people. The McRib is back. My man woman McRib is out. The market does significantly better than we don’t have the McRib. You’re our food market investing expert. Have you gotten more bullish because the McRib is back?

MARTIN: I always am, both from my stomach and from my portfolio. Charles I don’t remember. Remember McDonald’s pizza back in the day in the 80s. I love that as well. I’d have a McRib for lunch and then a McDonald’s pizza for dinner. Wait till they bring that back. I think it’s absolutely bulls are running on Wall Street. But yes, the McRib is great and McDonald’s has been a pretty solid stock through some of the, say, trials and tribulations that a lot of fast food restaurants and another other restaurant services companies have had this year.
PAYNE: All right. We don’t have a lot of time. I’ve got your screen 30s Scott. Stocks that you like. We know Amazon. We know Salesforce. All right. Nextera, this has been an unmitigated disaster this year. Utilities have been an unmitigated disaster. You feel like they’re selling is over?

MARTIN: Yeah, I do, Charles. Both on the chart and fundamentally speaking, I like looking at names right here. Charles, as we figure out some of the fallout from some of these terrible addict’s antics last weekend with regards to Israel and Hamas and everything. So we’re looking at names that are just absolutely thrown out with the baby, the bathwater and the bathtub and any is one of them. And so if you look at the chart, it’s turning. If you look at their fundamentals on revenue growth, net revenue, overall revenues going forward as far as what they projected profit margins, that’s an area next tariff that I think got overdone in utilities alone, NextEra took the absolute brunt of that. And so any is one of our picks here as we go into the rest of the fourth quarter.

PAYNE: All right. You’re a brave man. I don’t know what’s brave for eating that, buying this stock or eating one of those McRib sandwiches for folks

MARTIN: Going to McDonald’s and then Taco Bell for dessert is a brave man, too.

PAYNE: And I will do that next. There assembles any Salesforce CRM. All right, Scott, thank you so much, my friend.

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