June 7, 2023

Kingsview CIO Scott Martin on Fox Business Cavuto Coast to Coast 6.7.23

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Program: Cavuto Coast to Coast
Date: 6/7/2023
Station: Fox Business News
Time: 12:00PM

NEIL CAVUTO: All right. Take a look at what’s going on here with a lot of the crypto plays. As soon as the SEC was announcing that it’s suing some of the key players they’ve held up despite that. What to make of that with Scott Martin? Scott, what do you think?

SCOTT MARTIN: It’s a pretty wild day, Neil. And I think the necessary reaction to just the uncertainty that has plagued the crypto market over the last several years with respect to regulation and lawsuits. So you’re going to see a lot of volatility in crypto, I think, going forward as an investor. But what I, I guess, pledge to some of our investors is that watch for these dips because typically, as we’re seeing these days, Neil, these dips beget actually more rallies. So those are times to actually buy in possibly when the prices fall.

CAVUTO: You know, I’m just wondering what you make of this whole genre of investments. You know, they’re supposed to be rogue investment choices, but at the regular market’s doing fine. Isn’t that testing them as well?

MARTIN: It is. And there’s some correlation there, too, Neil, to the regular market, as you put it. But there’s still a lot of, say, smoke and fog to pick through on these bitcoins. And they see what I did there on the Ethereum’s and the bitcoins. My friend today, by the way, the only day of going outside to smoke cigarettes to actually feel better than breathing the air that’s around me, but picking through the smokes parliaments, cigarettes. But here’s the thing. Picking through the smoke, going through the fog on these is the way to get to be higher prices. A better investor in crypto across the board.

CAVUTO: All right. You are a machine, young man. I apologize for the truncated time or apologize. Scott, great to see you. Fox news contributor Kingsview Asset Management.

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