Keith Demetriades is a highly knowledgeable financial advisor with 12 years of experience and a passion for providing financial education and guidance to his clients. Drawing upon his engineering and military background, Keith brings a unique perspective to his work, leveraging his analytical skills and a profound understanding of the significance of financial literacy.

Keith’s journey began during his 24 year military career as a Naval Aviator, where he observed individuals earning substantial incomes but grappling with financial insecurity. Reflecting on the wise words of his mother, who instilled in him the value of preserving wealth, Keith recognized the vital need for financial education in people’s lives.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering from Tulane University further sharpened his problem-solving abilities and attention to detail. However, he also noticed a gap in traditional academic settings —a lack of financial education. This realization led him to help others understand the “why” behind their financial decisions.

Keith’s expertise centers on risk management and complementing investors’ financial planning efforts. As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with a strong emphasis on lifelong learning, he remains current with the latest financial strategies and tools to best serve his clients.

Keith’s philosophy centers on embracing the concept of Oikonomia—a well-ordered household economy where resources and money are managed wisely. He aims to be a client servant, going against the grain of “getting yours,” to find purpose in helping steward his clients’ financial well-being.

With a deeply rooted personal life centered around his family, Keith, along with his wife of 25 years, Christie, and their four children, Jordan, Peyton, Keegan, and Micah, plays a significant role in the community of Pampa. In September 2021, the family relocated to Amarillo while still actively serving their clients in Pampa. Keith leads a dedicated branch team that shares his commitment to delivering exceptional service and tailoring personalized solutions to meet the complex financial needs of their clients.

For those seeking financial guidance, Keith encourages visitors to his website to schedule a consultation—a 15-minute “fit visit” over the phone. If the fit is promising, he follows up with a 30-60 minute virtual or in-person appointment to analyze an investor’s needs.

Keith’s steadfast focus on understanding his clients’ priorities and aspirations empowers individuals and families to make informed financial decisions, ensuring their long-term security and peace of mind. His unwavering dedication and expertise make him a trusted partner on the path to financial success.