Independent but not alone.

We are proud to offer a unique approach for investment advisors where we combine the support of a wire house with the freedom and rewards of independence. It’s our belief that advisors go independent to provide objective advice to clients while simultaneously taking control of their own financial future.

Truly Unique

Sophisticated & Customizable

As a true fiduciary, we love when our advisors go above and beyond for their clients. Being an independent with us means running your business in the way that is right for you and your clients. Independence means options. We are here to provide guidance but we allow you to choose.

Entrepreneurial Experts on Call

We are great at building businesses and we are here to help you build yours. Whether we are helping one of our advisors publish a book, get a featured interview in the financial media or simply build their referral network - we differentiate ourselves by going above and beyond to help you build your practice.

Independent but not alone.
Truly Unique
Sophisticated & Customizable

Wholesale Team

Aaron Klemow

Managing Director, Business Development

Aaron Klemow is the Managing Director of Business Development for Kingsview Partners. He is an advisory transition specialist, marketing consultant, and business development expert for the financial services industry. Aaron runs the firm’s recruiting team and is responsible for setting up new branch offices nationwide.

Beginning his career at Kingsview Prime during the height of the financial crisis, Aaron applied his expertise in marketing, digital media and technology to help build and evolve the firm’s global clearing and financial planning businesses. Seeing that the industry was in the middle of a dramatic shift, Aaron spearheaded the development of Kingsview’s Family Office platform in a push to help the firm’s advisors reach higher net worth clientele, improve the overall client experience and offer access to higher end financial advice. His efforts have helped Kingsview’s advisors see measurable results both for clients and their own businesses. His diverse experience covers virtually every aspect of the firm and setting up branch offices has given him a tremendous depth of experience overcoming all the challenges advisors face during transition.

Growing up outside of Manhattan in a New Jersey suburb, Aaron always had a fascination with finance and entrepreneurship. Aaron graduated from American University in Washington DC where he obtained a degree in Business Communications and Economics. While he was in school, Aaron worked in the technology and digital media department at American’s School of Communications, and worked as a digital media consultant. He also studied and interned in London.

Jonathan McEvoy

Managing Director

Growing up in Fairfield County Connecticut, surrounded by its dense concentration of financial services firms, Jonathan was destined to work on Wall Street from a young age.  Jonathan is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University where he majored in pre-law and a minored in business while spending two years as the captain of the collegiate rugby team.

After graduation, Jonathan began his career here at Kingsview where he initially focused on nationwide logistics for the firm’s recruiting and business development team.  He also assisted the wholesale team in identifying new business opportunities as well as helping the firms advisors with business development projects.  After 10 months with the firm Jonathan moved to Chicago to help Kingsview further build out its presence in the Midwest.  During his time in Chicago Jonathan worked in the firm’s investment “think tank” with CIO Scott Martin while playing a large role in opening branch offices nationwide. 

Today, Jonathan is back in Westport, CT where he works in the firm’s business development headquarters.  Having joined Kingsview directly out of college Jonathan has had the pleasure of growing along with the firm.  In his free time Jonathan enjoys playing rugby and spending time with family and friends.

G. Dallas Dvorsky

SVP Business Development

Originally from the pacific northwest, Dallas began his career in financial services in 2003 as a fixed income specialist at the GMS Group, where he ran the sales desk in the firm’s Miami office. During his time with the firm, Dallas assisted high net worth clients with portfolio diversification and advanced tax and wealth strategies.

In 2008, Dallas began working at Kingview’s Wall Street office where he used the firm’s inherent independence to help clients diversify away from traditional investments during the height of the financial crisis.

Dallas then joined HJ Sims in Iselin, NJ so he could be closer to his family. He worked with the firm’s underwriting and investment banking teams to help liaise with high net worth and corporate clients.

Today, Dallas is proud to be back at Kingsview where he was recruited to serve our advisors as a transition specialist and financial services marketing expert. You can often find him working one on one with our advisors to help them better serve their clients and grow their advisory practices.


Making the Move

Our transition team is proud to have over 25 years of transition experience moving not just single advisors but entire firms. We have moved thousands of accounts at once and we know that every account is important in every transition. Our Transition Team Handles...
  • - Getting your office set up
  • - Preparing your personal web page and business cards
  • - Preparing and mailing client applications
  • - Processing and tracking ACATs
  • - Opening New Accounts
  • - Troubleshooting issues as they arise

My transition to Kingsview could not have been any smoother. Within 45 days I had over 80% of my book transferred and onboard. I have moved before in my career and the Kingsview transition team worked hard to make sure the transition was handled properly and efficiently without client worries.


Compensation Model

We know you have heard that independent advisors earn more than their wire house counterparts and Kingsview advisors are no exception. On average a Kingsview advisor can expect to take home 50% more than a comparable producer at a major firm. Our belief that experienced advisors should be compensated for their efforts is a strong part of our culture. In addition to a higher payout than our competition, Kingsview provides our advisors with the following:  
  • - Marketing and Sales Support
  • - Office Space and Technology
  • - Practice Ownership
  • - Back Office and Administrative Support
  • - Client Relationship Management Software
  • - Portfolio Management Platform
  • - Web & Mobile Platforms for Investor Performance Reporting
Wholesale Team
Making the Move
Compensation Models

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