Zane Christian, AAMS®, CRPC®

Partner | Wealth Manager

If you want to work for the rest of your life, that’s your business. If not, let’s talk.

Zane is a graduate of Tarleton State University where he attended with a full academic scholarship. While at TSU, Zane completed two bachelors degrees in four years (Agribusiness & Economics).  He was recruited directly from school to work at Edward Jones Investments where he began his career immediately following graduation at the age of 23.

During his first year with the firm, Zane was tasked with taking over a struggling office on Lake Shore Drive that had never shown a profitable month.  His knack for numbers and client friendly approach quickly allowed him to grow the client base, and under Zane’s leadership, the branch showed it’s first profitable quarter in 2013.  At the end of that year, Zane was recruited by Wells Fargo Advisors and invited to join one of the top 5 advisor teams in the firm, where he worked alongside 3 other advisors, collectively managing over $700M in assets.

During his time at Wells Fargo, Zane worked with clients on comprehensive financial planning, allowing him to address both sides of clients’ balance sheets and provide a tailored, holistic approach.

Having grown up on a family run dairy between Hamilton & Hico, Texas, Zane Christian began his career at young age with the the year-round job of milking, feeding, and farming. It is this background that gives him a unique understanding of the time and effort that goes into building assets, a perspective that helps him better relate to clients who want to not only grow, but protect what they’ve built.

Today, Zane lives in the China Spring area with his wife Mellisa and operates his own independent financial planning and investment management practice through Kingsview Partners. Obsessively ethical, Zane specializes in offering clients easy to understand yet comprehensive financial information.

Zane most enjoys spending time with his wife, Mellisa, and children Myla and Ryker as well as their two dogs. But he can also be found spending free time on Lake Waco, working on the farm he and his brother run, and building things in his shop.

Located in Texas