Sally Oradei is a consummate financial professional with over 25 years of experience in investment planning, retirement planning, asset allocation, risk reviews, insurance, estate planning strategies, and portfolio diversification. She is regarded as an expert in her field and respected for her comprehensive approach; her clients know she considers the “bigger picture,” integrating all aspects of their lives into their financial plans.

Navigating the Complexities of Finance

Originally from Madison, Sally attended the University of Wisconsin and earned a BA in Communications. During this time, she became aware of her inherent talent for personal connection, and her academic background translates seamlessly into her role as a Wealth Manager. The skills she honed during her studies, such as active listening, are invaluable, because financial matters are deeply personal and often evoke emotions tied to goals, dreams, and concerns. Sally does more than just manage money; she becomes a confidant who genuinely cares about her clients’ well-being and success.

“I recognize that navigating the world of finance can be daunting, and everyone’s financial journey is distinct,” says Sally. “As a Wealth Manager, I parse out the complexities and provide custom solutions that align with each client’s specific needs.”

Investing in Personal Connections

In the financial world, where trust and personal connections play a vital role, Sally’s emphasis on investing in people as individuals sets her apart from her peers. With a remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts, Sally has earned a reputation for her patient, empathetic, and thoughtful approach to working with her clients.

Empowerment Through Knowledge

Sally’s emphasis on education and empowerment resonates with her clients. “Most of my clients come from referrals,” says Sally. “I believe that’s because I work to empower my clients with the knowledge and understanding that is key to their financial success. I aim to keep us on the same page, working together toward their goals and making informed decisions that align with their unique financial journeys.”

Adventures in Life

Outside of her professional life, Sally resides in Minneapolis with her husband and business partner, John Hanselman. They are the proud parents of four children who recently completed their college education and embarked on their career paths.

In her leisure time, Sally indulges in her love for adventure, enjoying activities such as traveling, gardening, hiking, and mountain climbing. She is a member of the SO States Highpointing Group, having conquered the summits of 14 state high points, including a few 14’ers. She also finds joy in the pages of a good book accompanied by a glass of red wine.