Nick Sposa operates his independent Kingsview Partners practice in Falls Church, Virginia. Nick has ten years of industry experience, starting with Edward Jones in 2012 and then transitioning to Kingsview’s independent platform in 2022.

Nick believes in a personalized, client-centric approach to financial advising and was recently named as a 2022 Forbes/SHOOK Next Gen Wealth Advisor Best In State for Virginia.

The Road to Finance
Nick attended Virginia Tech University and graduated with a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, minoring in Business and Finance. During this period, Nick realized his interest in and affinity for finance but remained focused on engineering, and began his professional career in systems design and project management. Over time, he realized he felt called to positively impact people’s lives, so he decided to make the leap to financial advising. He describes his work as “the perfect match for my
skill set; I get to use my analytical expertise to help secure a better future for others.”

Building Long-Term Relationships
Ten years in the business means Nick has clients he’s worked with for a decade, and he’s had the opportunity to observe the different seasons of their lives. “It’s special to sit down and plan for the future, then have the privilege of seeing that plan unfold and evolve over time,” says Nick. “One thing that I really enjoy is watching clients’ kids and grandkids grow up. You see people just frequently enough that each time, there’s a big change in the kids. A couple in particular were young children when I started, and they tower over me at this point.” Now in his thirties, Nick is happy to know he’ll be able to work with these families for years to come.

On A Personal Note
Outside of work, Nick is an avid conservationist and outdoorsman with an interest in camping, kayaking, fishing, bowhunting and hiking. He shares these interests with his wife, Rachel, and their children, Ronan and Jacoby.