Mitch Ehmka, CFA®®, CIPM®®

Director of Trading

Mitch Ehmka is the Director of Trading at Kingsview Partners. He is the Portfolio Manager for CORE and a member of the Investment Committee. Mitch assists the advisors and the Investment Committee with strategy execution and investment model integration within Kingsview’s systems.

Mitch is a graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology and holds a B.S. in Aviation Management. He is a Licensed Pilot and Flight Instructor. Mitch worked as a Flight Instructor at Sawyer Aviation in Scottsdale, Arizona before his deep interest in the financial markets led him to pursue work in financial services. Mitch began his finance career in Fort Lauderdale as a Commodity Broker before joining Kingsview’s Chicago team in 2010.

Growing up in Plano, Texas, Mitch’s interests in both aviation and finance were apparent from a young age. He used to enjoy trading airline stocks in his father’s account. Today, he lives in the west suburbs of Chicago with his fiancé Samantha. When he isn’t monitoring the markets, he enjoys traveling, playing golf, and flying.