Misty is the Chief Operations Officer for Kingsview Partners.  As the COO, Misty’s chief mandate is to ensure the operational integrity of Kingsview and all the firm’s subsidiary businesses. This requires her to be proficient in nearly every aspect of the firm’s activities and partner with department heads and the firm’s wealth managers to improve operational workflows and enhance end user experience.

Misty comes to Kingsview Partners with over 28 years of experience in the business world. She has spent her career in multiple financial services, including accounting, mortgage, investment and insurance, with the last ten years in an executive capacity.

Misty’s knowledge of the public and corporate accounting arenas, along with her Accounting and Total Quality Management degrees, serve as the foundation for her business management expertise.  She credits her ability to navigate complex situations and personal relationships in order to create efficient systems and increase the bottom line to her years of experience in various service industries. She is a leadership and efficiency expert and has studied the concepts of Six Sigma and process improvement for the last 20 years.

When not at the office, Misty enjoys traveling and appreciating the great outdoors with her husband, James, and their boys, Isaac and Jonah.  She also enjoys painting and volunteering for local charities such as Hearts with a Mission, a teen homeless shelter.