John Hanselman is a highly experienced Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) who has dedicated more than two decades to helping clients achieve their financial goals. Through his expertise and deep understanding of the industry, John bridges the gap between clients’ aspirations and fiscal reality, guiding individuals, families, and business owners toward a secure and prosperous future.

Adaptability Through Experience

Born and raised in the heartland of Iowa, John pursued his education at the University of Northern Iowa, where he earned a Bachelor’s in Finance. He embarked on his career as an advisor with Dean Witter in 1999, later moving to Wells Fargo in 2015, and finally joining Kingsview Partners in 2023. Throughout his professional journey, John has witnessed significant market shifts and has developed a keen ability to adapt strategies that meet his clients’ evolving needs.

Memorable Retirement Journeys

Central to John’s approach is his belief that providing sound financial advice hinges on understanding each client’s unique aspirations and vision for their financial future. He takes particular interest and enjoyment in hearing about clients’ experiences and adventures during their retirement years. “Hearing the stories of exploration, newfound passions, and the joy they experience in this new chapter of life is incredibly rewarding. It reminds me of the true impact of my work and motivates me to continue guiding others towards their own extraordinary retirement adventures.”

Mutual Respect Partnerships

Mutual respect lies at the core of John’s practice. He recognizes that when clients truly value his guidance and grasp the dynamics of the client/advisor relationship, a productive and lasting partnership is formed. “We both play vital roles in achieving long-term success, and collaborating effectively lets us unlock the full potential for remarkable results together.”

Family and Community

When not in the office, John enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Sally, and their four children, Ben, Nick, Alia, and Sarah. They maintain an active lifestyle, exploring the numerous trails around the Twin Cities and finding relaxation in boating and watersports. In his leisure time, John is often immersed in a good book while savoring a cup of coffee.

Located in Minnesota