Greer A. Ducker, AAMS®, ADPA®

Partner | Wealth Manager

Greer A. Ducker, AAMS®, ADPA®, is a highly experienced wealth manager with over two decades in the financial industry. His client-focused approach extends beyond the realm of financial advice to encompass ongoing support and guidance, ensuring that clients remain informed, engaged, and empowered throughout every stage of their financial journey.

Alongside his wife, Wealth Manager Lisa Rosenberg, Greer specializes in multigenerational family wealth: retirement, charitable giving, estate planning, and putting children on a responsible financial path.

Building Relationships, Achieving Goals

“I’ve always believed that the essence of financial management lies in the relationships we build,” says Greer. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see my clients achieve their financial goals and know that I’ve played a part in their success.”

Harmonizing Strategies for Financial Success

Originally hailing from southwest Virginia, Greer found his home in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he attended the University of North Carolina Greensboro and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. He has carried the fundamental concepts of those years into his work, with a focus on interpersonal communication. “In both music and finance, success hinges on the ability to harmonize with others,” Greer notes. “I believe in the power of listening to my clients, understanding their needs, and then crafting financial strategies that resonate with their goals.”

This belief in the power of connection has informed Greer’s approach throughout his career, guiding him to forge strong bonds with his clients and serve as a trusted advisor on their financial journey.

Life Beyond Finances

In addition to his professional endeavors, Greer is deeply involved in his community, having served on various boards and committees, including Habitat for Humanity, The Community Theatre of Greensboro, and First Presbyterian Church.

He is also a man of diverse interests, enjoying hobbies such as golf, watch collecting, exploring fine wines, and tinkering with cars. As a student of the performing arts, he’s sung at Carnegie Hall and participated in various operas and theater productions.

Greer is also a dedicated family man, sharing his life and home with his wife Lisa Rosenberg, four children: Grayson, Ashley, Lauren, and Rachel, plus two dogs and a cat.

Located in North Carolina