Eliza B. Lang is a seasoned professional who has worked with Harold Wenger in the financial field for four years. During this time, Eliza has developed a strong foundation for assisting Harold as he works to plan a secure future for clients, their families, and future generations. In her role as a Branch Office Administrator, Eliza is responsible for maintaining the planning database and conducting investment research. Eliza also plays a vital role in practice communication, engaging with clients and the public through various channels. She effectively communicates with clients by sending out emails and leveraging social media platforms to share informational content. Eliza’s efforts contribute to clients’ education and understanding of financial planning.

Prior to her employment in the financial industry, Eliza worked for Armstrong Flooring Inc, where she successfully managed 12 wholesalers globally. In this role, she handled competitive pricing, margin analysis, claims processing, and pricing publication, showcasing her exceptional skills in managing complex tasks.

Eliza’s commitment to serving others extends beyond her professional endeavors. She dedicated three years to volunteering at ComForCare, a long-term care company that supports elder care, showcasing her compassion and dedication to helping those in need. Outside of work, Eliza finds solace in her garden, which features a variety of flowering plants and shrubberies. Her garden serves as a haven for butterflies and hummingbirds, reflecting her appreciation for nature and creating a peaceful environment. Eliza takes pride in her role as a mother to her daughter, Gabrielle, and her son, Mitchell, both in their 20s. Having immigrated from the Philippines to the United States at age 11, Eliza became a U.S. citizen in 1976. She currently resides in Lancaster County, PA, where she values the close-knit community.

Located in Pennsylvania