Brett Sposa operates his independent Kingsview Partners practice in Falls Church, Virginia. After graduating from Virginia Tech with a Business Management degree, Brett worked with Edward Jones for six years, joining Kingsview’s independent platform in 2022.

Making Connections

A self-described “connector,” Brett says serving and helping others is where he thrives. “I get to make an impact on individuals and families on a daily basis, and for me, there is no better feeling in the world. It’s a privilege to build deep and meaningful relationships with people as we work to create customized strategies that help them achieve their most important goals.”

He enjoys a creative approach to problem-solving and leverages the idea of connection further as a cornerstone of his business philosophy. “I have a deep desire to help people, so if I can’t solve a problem for my clients, I will always take it a step further and do my best to connect them with someone who can.”

Unraveling Complex Issues

Financial concerns can be one of life’s most significant stressors, which is why Brett feels his most important task as a financial advisor is understanding his clients’ priorities. With their goals in mind, he takes them through an established process, using customized strategies to help them find solutions to their unique issues. “It’s very gratifying to see their stress subside as we work through these things together,” says Brett.

He also believes communication is key. “I want my clients to understand that there is no ‘set in stone’ rule for communications. Some people might want to talk twice a year. Others might want to connect once a month. I try to be very proactive in my communications to put my clients’ minds at ease, but I’ll also walk them through their finances on a schedule that makes sense to them. That way, they stay on track towards their financial goals and are poised to make any necessary adjustments along the way.”

Clear communication also provides the opportunity for education, so clients understand the “why” behind his recommendations. “I try to use plain language and visuals to build a dialogue that is comfortable for everyone.”

On A Personal Note

Brett was born and raised in Centreville, VA, alongside his brother Nick and sister, Karlee. Keeping family in front, all three siblings and their families have settled within a three-mile radius. Brett lives with his amazing wife, Emily, son Banks, and the family dog Leo just down the road from his office.

He’s grateful to live in the community he serves and can be found golfing, working around the house, enjoying Virginia Tech sports and spending time with family and friends in his free time.

“I do believe in giving back wherever I can,” says Brett. He does that by coaching a local special needs Little League team with his father. He also started a non-profit 501c3 called “The Giving Game” in 2020. The organization’s goal is to bring people together for fun events to raise money and awareness for people and charities in need.