Al Abaroa began his career on an equity desk in 1993. He carries over two decades of experience with areas of concentration in both the equity and the alternative space. Al is a Managing Partner and a Financial Advisor.

He is a frequent speaker, on topics ranging from risk management, portfolio design and algorithmic based, investment disciplines. He has joined the international circuit with speaking engagements in London as well as Bogota, Colombia. In addition, Al is the author of “Options Pro Essentials”. The book helps novice and intermediate traders with the complexities of options based strategies. He is a respected source for market commentary. His insights have been shared with CNBC, BNN, and printed in the Dow Jones Wires, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Reuters, and Bloomberg.

Al’s experience in the investment arena does not end there. He served as sector editor of MegaTrends, an all markets monthly periodical distributed by Dow Jones News, providing commentary and insight . He was also the author of over 150 issues of the “Commodity Wire” a weekly publication covering global markets and trade. Al has been interviewed by Michael Covel, best-selling author, film director and founder of to discuss his White Paper on the modalities of trend following and risk management.