Aaron Klemow

Managing Director, Business Development

Aaron Klemow is the Managing Director of Business Development for Kingsview Partners. He is an advisory transition specialist, marketing consultant, and business development expert for the financial services industry. Aaron runs the firm’s recruiting team and is responsible for setting up new branch offices nationwide.

Beginning his career at Kingsview Prime during the height of the financial crisis, Aaron applied his expertise in marketing, digital media and technology to help build and evolve the firm’s global clearing and financial planning businesses. Seeing that the industry was in the middle of a dramatic shift, Aaron spearheaded the development of Kingsview’s Family Office platform in a push to help the firm’s advisors reach higher net worth clientele, improve the overall client experience and offer access to higher end financial advice. His efforts have helped Kingsview’s advisors see measurable results both for clients and their own businesses. His diverse experience covers virtually every aspect of the firm and setting up branch offices has given him a tremendous depth of experience overcoming all the challenges advisors face during transition.

Growing up outside of Manhattan in a New Jersey suburb, Aaron always had a fascination with finance and entrepreneurship. Aaron graduated from American University in Washington DC where he obtained a degree in Business Communications and Economics. While he was in school, Aaron worked in the technology and digital media department at American’s School of Communications, and worked as a digital media consultant. He also studied and interned in London.