Press Release

Kingsview Asset Management Opens New Office in Grants Pass, Oregon

Kingsview Asset Management is opening a new 3,000 square foot office in Grants Pass, Oregon. This space will be Kingsview’s main office for advisor servicing, human resources, and compliance. The purpose of this mission-specific office is to allow like-minded people to share the same creative space and increase productivity.

“We want our employees to work unencumbered by distractions,” said Joshua Lewis, Senior Managing Partner of Kingsview Asset Management. “Having a mission-specific office will offer my team a better work environment to improve their talents and the firm as a whole.”

The Grants Pass office will also take advantage of Kingsview’s geographic diversity; Kingsview currently has offices across the continental United States and continues to expand.

“Our growing geographic reach has dramatically increased the capabilities of our firm,” said Josh Lewis. “We continue to overcome the challenges that we face as we expand our reach to help more clients.”

About Kingsview Asset Management

 Kingsview Asset Management (“KAM”) is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Our multi-faceted firm ensures that KAM can offer virtually any strategy or product the financial services industry has to offer. This ensures that registration or affiliation never limits our client’s options.

KAM maintains custodial relationships with Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers. By giving clients multiple alternatives for the custody of their money, they can maximize each firm’s individual benefits for a unique need.