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Kingsview Welcomes Dimitris Magemeneas

Dimitris Magemeneas, has joined Kingsview Asset Management as a Regional Managing Director, opening the firm’s first office in San Marcos, CA.

“I’m looking forward to working with Kingsview and joining a team that is so passionate about financial planning,” said Magemeneas. “I believe we can work together to better meet client needs as we grow our footprint in greater San Diego.”

Magemeneas’ decade of experience as an investment advisor began at Edward Jones. Previously an industrial engineer, his scientific approach to financial planning brings an effective perspective to the field, along with his desire to provide accessible financial information for…


Paul Nolte Quoted in The Age

From The Age:

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 138.61 points, or 0.7 per cent, to 20,453.25, the S&P 500 lost 15.98 points, or 0.7 per cent, to 2328.95 and the Nasdaq Composite dropped 31.01 points, or 0.5 per cent, to 5805.15.

The US 10-year note yield ended flat at 2.24 per cent, erasing earlier losses; still the yield has fallen 39 basis points in the past month.

The benchmark S&P 500 has climbed 8.9 per cent since President Donald Trump’s November 8 election, supported by his planned economic agenda of tax cuts and economic stimulus. But the…

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Weekly Nolte Notes

To quote partially quote Elmer Fudd, the markets “be vewy, vewy quiet.” How quiet? Over the past two weeks the Nasdaq market traded higher for eight straight days, but was down for the past ten. After over 100 days, the SP500 finally traded lower by more than 1%. What usually is an every 10 day to 15-day occurrence became a “once so far this year.” The handwringing has started over the effectiveness of the Trump presidency given the inability to pass “new” Obamacare legislation. Worries about the impact upon taxes and spending programs have turned investors a bit cautious about…

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Paul Nolte Comments on Reuters

From Reuters:

Wall Street’s predilection for a glass-half-full view of President Donald Trump was on full display Friday as investors backed off fears that a failure to repeal Obamacare would endanger Trump’s entire agenda in favor of optimism that he would simply get on with tax cuts and infrastructure spending.

As the clock ticked down to a close vote in the House of Representatives set tentatively for Friday afternoon, U.S. stocks were little changed even as it appeared that the Republican leadership had yet to secure the support needed to pass the measure.

That was…

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Weekly Nolte Notes

To no one’s surprise, the Fed increased interest rates last week. To the surprise of many, the markets rallied following the decision, due to the thought that they were not going to be aggressively raising rates this year. Indeed, they did not increase their estimates of economic growth and inflation is near their 2% target. Additionally, they feel employment should remain steady not increasing, nor decreasing from current levels. This is what nirvana looks like! Their projections for economic growth are well below that of the White House and holding steady for the next two years. If all is so…

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Paul Nolte Hosts Wall Street Journal Podcast

From the Wall Street Journal:

A rate hike is widely expected at this week’s Fed policy meeting. Paul Nolte of Kingsview Asset Management wonders whether the Fed’s statement and Fed chair Janet Yellen’s press conference might signal a more proactive stance.

Listen to the podcast here.

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Weekly Nolte Notes

A quick scan of the internet for “Irish quotes” and “interest rates” yielded nothing of the pithy quotes that can be found under a variety of other topics. However, one quote that may be employed quite often this week, leading up to St. Patrick’s Day as well as the Fed meeting mid-week, is “where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth.” After the press conference following the Fed’s decision, investors will be listening closely to Chair Yellen’s discussion of the economy and expectations for even more rate increases than the promised three. The markets have moved rapidly from maybe three…

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Market Review: February 2017

The Markets

Investors have been waiting for a break in the market to do a bit of buying; however, there have been few opportunities to do so since the election. This February was the strongest February following an election since the start of the SP500 in the early 1950’s and, for the Dow, back to 1945. The SP500 took the lead during the month, leaving all other asset classes in their wake. While other asset classes can return to the fore, the SP500 continues to be one of the strongest asset classes, as it has been over the past seven…