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Kingsview Asset Management Opens New Office in Grants Pass, Oregon

Kingsview Asset Management is opening a new 3,000 square foot office in Grants Pass, Oregon. This space will be Kingsview’s main office for advisor servicing, human resources, and compliance. The purpose of this mission-specific office is to allow like-minded people to share the same creative space and increase productivity.

“We want our employees to work unencumbered by distractions,” said Joshua Lewis, Senior Managing Partner of Kingsview Asset Management. “Having a mission-specific office will offer my team a better work environment to improve their talents and the firm as a whole.”

The Grants Pass office will also take advantage of Kingsview’s…

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Kingsview Asset Management Moves its Connecticut Office to Westport


Kingsview Asset Management is moving its Connecticut office from Norwalk to Westport, effective February 1. The new space is a 2,000 square foot office located at 57 Greens Farms Road. This move will allow the firm to expand its recruiting and marketing efforts, providing space for the department to grow three times its size.

“Headed by Aaron Klemow, this team will continue to evolve as we add emphasis to our different business channels and geographic needs,” said Josh Lewis, Senior Managing Partner of Kingsview Asset Management. “Not many firms have the recruiting team, investment…

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Kingsview Asset Management Posts 100% AUM Growth in 2016


 Kingsview Asset Management achieved its AUM growth target of 100% in 2016, more than doubling its assets under management from the previous year.

“Kingsview has made giant strides last year and 2017 will be no different,” said Josh Lewis, Senior Managing Partner of Kingsview Asset Management. “Growing by 100% and bringing on so many new, talented advisors is a major achievement for our firm.”

Welcoming over a dozen new advisors to the firm in 2016, Kingsview’s footprint has grown nationwide.

“We are grateful these advisors have chosen to join our family,” commented Lewis. “Investing…

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Benjamin Ott Chooses to Join Kingsview Asset Management


Benjamin Ott, AAMS, has left Edward Jones Investments and joined Kingsview Asset Management, opening the firm’s first office in Hammonton, NJ.

“I’m looking forward to working with Kingsview and joining a team that is so passionate about financial planning,” said Ott. “I believe we can work together to better meet client needs.”

Ott’s six years of experience as an investment advisor began at Edward Jones. Previously a mechanical engineer, his scientific approach to financial planning brings an effective perspective to the field, along with his desire to provide accessible financial information for clients.


Quiet Holiday Trading

This isn’t your father’s bond market anymore. While it may be a bit early to stick a fork in the multi-decade rally in bond prices (and drop in yields), it is increasingly evident that the all-time lows hit over the past year or two are likely to be “the” lows. The Fed played the Grinch for the second consecutive year, raising rates at their last meeting ahead of the Christmas holiday. Citing a growing belief the economy has turned the corner, the Fed is now expected to raise interest rates three times in 2017. Of course, they were going to…


Maximus DiSesa Chooses to Join Kingsview Asset Management

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY—  December 5, 2016

Maximus DiSesa has left Edward Jones Investments and joined Kingsview Asset Management as a Regional Managing Director of Wealth Management.

“Joining Kingsview will help me better serve clients and the Hudson Valley community,” said DiSesa.

Based in Poughkeepsie, New York, DiSesa is a rising star in the investment management industry after tripling his client base after only five years in business. This incredible growth was fueled by his passion for improving the lives of his clients and his dedication to the field.  Max is joined by his Senior Business Office Administrator, Kathy Howard,…


Earnings In Full Swing

In a mere few weeks we will witness a rather historic event. Yeah, we all know about the first woman or the first non-politician president. But one baseball team will continue their historic futility, while another will finally break theirs. In Chicago, it has all been about the plan hatched five years ago to get to this moment. Unfortunately, the same can’t quite be said about the economy. The plan hatched by central banks to push rates to zero or below was meant to spur spending and pull the economy out of the recession. Those negative rates, instead, forced…

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Kingsview Asset Management Recruits $185 Million Branch Office from Raymond James

Chad Mitton, David Dorsey, Cody Ashton, Michael Bird and Arrah-Wonah Nester have left Raymond James Financial Services with $185 Million in AUM and joined Kingsview Asset Management.

“I’m thrilled to join a group of professionals focused on providing value for clients,” Mitton said. “I appreciate the support Kingsview Asset Management is able to offer, while having the flexibility to meet client needs on a case-by-case basis.”

With 50 years of combined financial planning and wealth management experience, the group specializes in working with accountants and attorneys to provide family office services to clients.

“We are very pleased to have the…


Getting Ready To Rumble

“If it can’t be like before, I’ve got to let it end…maybe someday”. Maybe someday the economy will be like it was in the ‘70’s and the Fed will be increasing rates as inflation gyrates higher. Maybe someday the Fed will believe the economy can stand on its own two feet without the help of very easy monetary policies. That someday remains in the elusive future. While agreeing that the case for higher rates is actually strong, the Fed decided “to wait for further evidence of continued progress toward its objectives”. Never mind the economy, by many measures, is stronger…